General Dentistry

Includes Exams, cleanings, white composite fillings, root canals, crowns, dentures, bridges. 

Composite (White Fillings)

When there are cavities in a tooth we must remove the carious lesion and in turn place a white filling in order to stop the progression of the cavity. 

Root Canals

When cavities are too large and it has reached the nerve it can cause an infection and in turn the tooth will need a root canal. Root canal therapy includes removing all of the cavities and cleaning the inside of the tooth. We clean the canals in the root and shape them and fill them. Thereafter, a crown is necessary to prevent the fracturing of the tooth. 


Invisalign is a series of aligners that help to straighten teeth creating a beautifully aligned smile.

Say goodbye to that crooked smile. 

Cleanings and Deep Cleanings

Here at MPD, we believe its important to maintain your oral health with regular cleanings. Our wonderful hygienists will take great care of you. The difference between a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning is that a deep cleaning requires us to go underneath the gums.

Why do we need a deep cleaning? If a patient presents with deep pockets and bone loss and a lot of tartar this would be deemed necessary to have a deep cleaning. 

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